How to write a narrative essay in first person

A narrative essay can tell a complete story, with plot, characters, setting, conflict and conclusion, or may take the form of review of a book, according to Purdue Online Writing Lab Although narrative essays are written from different perspectives, the most common point of view is that of the author.



Write the essay from your own perspective. Write in first person, according to the online writing lab of Roane State Community College, “invite your readers to an intimate discussion,” helping them to connect meaningfully with your ideas or statements.

Choose your verbs carefully. When writing in first person, avoid the tendency to use the verbs “to be”, as I am, is or was, and incorporates strong, active verbs in your prose.

Use a clear and concise throughout the test language. The Online Writing Lab at Purdue, recommended tests in narrative language that “evoke specific emotions and senses in the reader.”

Incorporates smooth transitions from one paragraph to another. Narra testing in a logical order. A narrative essay should flow in the same way you would a casual conversation.

Enter own idea in your essay. Whether you’re writing a story you or criticism of a book introduces a concept, idea or event, and concludes by stating your point of view. This can take the form of a revelation, a convincing argument or a simple description of the importance of an idea or event.

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